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Oh hey there
I'm glad you stopped by

I'm Lisa

If you're reading this you're probably an overwhelmed business owner in need of some support.

You've come to the right place, I’m a business support professional, a freedom fixer, the invisible hand and I am about to become your BFF in your business. I take a very organised approach to getting things done and love lists and checklists.

I started my working career some 30 years ago and have worked in the Hospitality, Tourism, Wedding and Events, Retail, Finance and Engineering Industries in various roles from Administrative Support to Senior Management so I come to you with lots of experience and skills.


Bet you didn't know...

  • My heritage is Italian if you hadn't guessed by the surname.

  • I'm a Nonna (Grandmother) to 5 beautiful grandbabies

  • My Height - I am just under 5'0" tall (People are always surprised when they meet me in person.) 

  • My Life Support - That liquid gold they call coffee.  I'll take mine straight up black with a sprinkling of sugar.  Can't work a day without at least one.

  • Most days, you can find me working away in my home office in Newport, Brisbane, overlooking the canal with my trusty planner (I like things the old fashion way) and my office fur babies BonBon and Biscuits the Bichons by my side.

  • When I'm not busy working, I love to potter away in the kitchen and experiment with cooking (Gotta cook spaghetti and meatballs for the grandkids oh and the big kids), and I love gardening.

  • I am definitely a fur baby lover!

  • Funny enough I also have a Bachelor in Education - Majoring in Early Childhood, but never used it.

A little back story to the business.

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I originally established my business back in 2014 to provide Social Media Marketing support to small business owners.  At this time, I was consulting for a major client who soon offered me a Management role as their Marketing Manager and the business was temporarily put on hold.
In 2017 I moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and reestablished my business with Social Media support.  Since this time, the business has evolved. It now includes Social Media and end-to-end business solutions that include Full Digital Marketing solutions that include Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, SEO, and Administrative Support.

I love running my own business and having the flexibility to work from home yet still assisting start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs with their businesses.  Even though I am based in Brisbane, I assist businesses all over Australia.

Having owned my own businesses for the last 17 years, I understand what it takes to operate your business, and I love assisting other small business owners and love to see them flourish.  Your success is my success.

My Partners
in Crime


... meet Masters 
BonBon and Biscuits
the Bichons

They are my Chief Happiness Officers and Happiness Heroes.

Their roles at headquarters is to bring cuteness overload, meet and greet my clients if they ever come for meetings (or bark over zooms, sorry in advance) and have fluffy moments.

They assist their mumma to get through the day and provide much-needed break out times and is generally here for your entertainment pleasure.

Make sure if you do visit you bring chicken necks (raw or dried) or some sort of treat as they are the ones to impress.

Their days are spent sleeping and nibbling on ankles, fingers anything to distract mumma from working.

My client Family, past and present

Here are just some of my present and past clients that come from a diverse range of Industries.  Here is a small list below just to name a few