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In a world filled with Social Media Platforms, you can not afford NOT to be using Social Media every day for your business.  My knowledge comes from personal experiences, seeing the results of watching my businesses grow and the results of my clients.
At the end of the day we know it is more personal if you manage your own accounts, however, if you don't have the time to concentrate on this, this is the next best thing, putting it into the hands of an expert.
Social Media has become a necessity no matter what business. You need to keep it interesting from quotes, images, product/service posts and memes that will suit your industry. Having your platforms all set up and looking pretty is one thing, but if you don't use them, what's the point. 

Winning followers, stopping thumbs and driving growth.

Image by Rahul Chakraborty

I manage the following platforms for your business:


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest


I am highly skilled in Social Media Strategy and Content Creation.  I start by performing thorough research on your industry and apply the latest strategies to your Social Media Accounts.  This targeted content strategy will inspire your followers to engage with you and support your business.  Here's what I can offer your business with my Creative Assistant Packages:

  • Social Media Strategy and Consultation

  • Social Media Profile Setup

  • Social Media Audit

  • Social Media Management

  • Visual Content Production

  • Social Medi Community Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Hashtag Research

Social Media Statistics


Million Australians are active users of Social Media.


Australians spend 90% of their time on Facebook.


Australians spend on average 2 hours per day on Social Media.

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