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  • I have worked with many different industries; therefore my experience brings fresh insight, new ideas and I will help you and your team to start thinking outside the box.

  • I’m easy to work with. Clients like my approachable, professional and committed attitude and my delivery of exceptional service.

  • They find me reliable, efficient and self-motivated – I’m a real whiz at organisation and time management.

  • I’m super-quick at grasping information and learning new skills.

  • A question of confidence. Clients know they can trust me to be discreet at all times. I’m experienced at handling confidential and sensitive information.

  • I built my own website and keep on top of the latest industry tools. I have a good understanding when it comes to tech speak. As an effective communicator, I can step up to help you with your tech needs.

  • ​Cost-Effective - You will only pay for the project(s), number of agreed hours, or agreed recurring tasks each month.

  • I’m not constrained by the typical 9-5 office hours. I can offer flexible solutions to fit your needs!

  • Personal Cheerleader - The success of your business will have a direct impact on my business. So you can guarantee that I will treat your business with the same energy, interest and professionalism as I would my own.

  • I will be your COMPETENT, COMMITTED and LOYAL team on your side working for your business.

  • You want to support an Australian support service business in your own timezone.

  • You want your evenings and weekends back to spend with your family and friends.

Image by Minh Pham
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